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​One of the biggest challenges facing many of our clients today is the ability to attract, hire, retain and develop diverse talent. Lack of cultural understanding and barriers to communication accentuate these challenges even further. The best of the best that we work with make it a priority to ensure that their people strategies align with the business vision and mission including their capability development programs, training and organizational culture.


MPI Consulting’s track record of success is in large part driven by helping companies connect with their employees and helping employees connect with their company. In building this relationship, the role of Human Resources as a strategic partner has never been greater.”


John Hawkins, President | CEO

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Suite of services

As a full service Human Resource company, MPI Consulting specializes in working with clients to develop proactive employee engagement strategies in key areas such as:


Labor Relations, Strategic HR Consulting, Organizational Development, Employee Surveys and Employee Engagement Strategies, Front Line Manager and Supervisor Training, as well as Market Compensation and Benefits Analysis.


We help clients in a variety of market sectors define organizational and human resource strategies, as well as design and deploy programs that help them meet their operational objectives. We bring integrity, innovation and execution to every client engagement and relationship.


Our consulting talent is the cornerstone of our clients’ satisfaction. That is why we develop our consulting staff with a combination of “big firm” expertise and practical experience from past internal roles. They are the source of our collective innovation – building upon success-tested approaches to provide our clients with tailored solutions to meet their challenges.

MPI Consulting works with client partners to develop the commercial strategies and business plans essential to building a bright, sustainable future. We also guide your leadership through the process of preparing the organization for change, and then managing that change moving forward so that it produces the outcome you want and demonstrates success.


Our suite of tools includes holistic Change Management, Leadership Training Workshops, 1:1 Executive Coaching, Strategic Communications, Stakeholder Alignment and Engagement, Key Performance Measurement, and Continuous Improvement.

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