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Interim HR Placement

For over 45 years we have consulted to world class companies in many industries across the US and around the world and have shown over 400 hundred clients the path to best-in-class HR strategy and practice.

MPI Consultants are proven professionals from leading Fortune 100 companies. We have a network of experienced consultants working across diverse industries both domestically and internationally.


Our suite of services now offers Senior HR Executives, Managers and Generalists on an interim basis to support clients who need experienced capability immediately while they continue their search to fill hard to fill roles.

We take the guesswork out saving you time, reducing your costs and minimizing your risks.

Continuity When It Matters Most

Have one of our professionals placed as an embedded member of your team allowing for work to continue as normal with few, if any, bumps in the road.


This expert can take on the role of one of your HR employees, manage a specific project, or help transition your employees into their new roles without any additional stress or budgetary strain. They have the tools, support and leadership skills needed to jump in smoothly, efficiently and effectively without disruption.

Many circumstances can create the need for highly skilled professionals to fill interim or temporary HR roles within your company. In those times you may need specific resources such as:

  • A temporary executive while searching for a full-time HR placement

  • A Senior HR professional to help build your HR and Organizational strategy

  • An experienced HR leader to manage and direct your HR staff for a big project or until a permanent HR leader is hired

  • An experienced HR leader to help with organizational transformation change initiatives

  • An onsite coach for management training or performance management

  • Specialized expertise for high risk projects

Contractors in Interm Positions
  • Possess a minimum of 15 years of HR experience

  • Are experts with “hands-on” experience in the specific HR area you need – minimizing ramp-up time for your assignment

  • Are thoroughly screened for suitability for interim work in addition to the particular skills, experience, background, culture and personality fit needed for your assignment

  • Are available within a reasonable time frame to start your assignment

  • Treat your assignment with the same commitment and professionalism of a permanent position

  • Work only as long as you need them – the end of the assignment does not create any severance or legal obligations

Experience & Capability When You Need It
MPI Consulting has a 45 year history in helping clients build positive employee cultures which connect companies to employees and employees to companies.